Contactless Biometrics

Revolutionising biometric capture with contactless technology powered by AI and deep learning modalities

Biometrics is the leading and most precise physical security technique used for identity verification and authentication. Our cutting-edge products are designed to capture high-quality biometrics across all platforms, ensuring reliable data for large-scale programs in both remote and assisted environments. With in-built quality control, our solutions guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the captured biometric data.

Technlogy Solutions

Contactless Capture


Credentials Issuance

Verification & Identification

Iris Recognition

We deliver leading Iris recognition identification technology, known for its strong capabilities. It seamlessly accommodates and matches iris images from various sources, catering to different population traits. With its high-speed algorithm, powered by a multi-threaded template creation and matcher design, it can complete tens of millions of matches per second.

  • High speed, highly accurate
  • Engineering model
  • Most accurate & economical modalities
  • Practical applications 

AirSnap Face

A face recognition algorithm based on the neural network and machine learning approach, unlike “traditional” algorithms based on mathematical model. The algorithm not only exceeds expectations but also breaks boundaries – showcasing robustness to various challenges such as angles, facial expressions, partial occlusions, artifacts, and low image quality.

  • Face detection with landmarks
  • Pose estimation
  • Eyes closed detection
  • Detection sunglasses
  • Robust to angles & expressions
  • Face capture and image cropping
  • Liveness detection (licensed separately)
  • Packaging and sending the data

AirSnap Fingerprint

The quality of fingerprint recognition technology we unlock for clients is demonstrated by its accuracy, reliability, high speed matching, and scalability to identity systems with hundreds of millions of fingerprints.

  • Finger, angle and wrong hand detection
  • Fingerprint capture
  • Quality assessment
  • Scaling to 500dpi
  • Image processing to generate legacy compliant grey scale images
  • Liveness detection (licensed separately);
  • Packaging and sending the data

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