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  • Contactless payment experiences across African continent through mobile and smartphone penetration as well as implementation of payment gateways that integrates to central banks payment switches e.g. QR codes, NFC, Biometrics and tokenisation.
  • Experience in implementing e-commerce Payment acceptance, value added services, marketplaces and broader fintech partnerships.
  • Implemented API-enabled Open Banking and Digital Capability Ecosystem to capture E2E Revenue across Africa for one of the major banks.
  • Global experience in implementing low-cost, data rich, real-time processing for the payment methods in addition to alternative payment workflow such as blockchain and digital currencies.
  • Tools we’ve built:
    • Remittance APIs
    • Pan-African Engine
    • Absa Xpress Transfer

Payment Gateway Development



Migration of OpenShift 3 platform to OpenShift 4​

Our client’s applications which are running on OpenShift 3 platform were not properly architected or packaged for cloud-native environments. In most cases applications were just placed into containers without a full understanding of how the cloud-native benefits would be realized. This has caused a significant consumption of compute resources on OpenShift 3 and created instability in some instances. Client needed a review exercise to ensure that the migration of all Applications to the new OpenShift 4 platform does not fall short of the mark.

Key requirements achieved during the project:

Assessment of all Applications on existing platform

  • Remediation of Applications and optimised configuration for deployment on Openshift 4
  • Setting up of new DEVOPS pipelines and publishing new a Framework for deployments.
  • Identified a DEVOPS Champion to ensure that we achieve the stability and performance promised on the new platform.
  • Showcased capabilities of the new platform i.e. Defined processes, leveraged automation to redeploy etc.

Client needed to assess the existing MS SQL, Oracle databases and move them to open source data bases to reduce the operational costs. 

Key requirements achieved during the project:
Database Sizing

  • Application Compatibility for MySQL/Postgress
  • Integration, Production rollout and testing
  • Migration to MySQL/Postgress
  • One of client’s biggest cost was related to their proprietary database costs– reduce costs had to move to an Open Source software – 40% cost saving achieved.

Database Decommissioning and Resizing

Chat Banking AI

Assisted the Client in implementing Chat Banking (Whatsapp banking) for 10 Banks in Rest of Africa.

Requirements achieved during the project:

  • Engineers with the skillsets for implementation
  • Designed the application and system architecture for the AI
  • Assisted and advised on security framework
  • Supported the implementation and deployment of the application into 10 banks Create new brand identity of being a digital leader in the banking space
  • Assisted client in implementing digital wallet application for 3 Banks in Rest of Africa, required engineers and architects who had the skills to implement the architecture of the digital wallet.
  • Requirements achieved during the project.
  • Designed the application and system architecture for the application
  • Supported the implementation and deployment of the application into 3 banks Successful migration of one of their largest organisations to a new platform. Successful entry into a new customer portfolio banking

Digital Wallet

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